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BCS Automação is a company exclusively focused on the events segment. It has been acting in the market for more than 19 years, relying on its own equipment structure and specialized technical staff which is able to assist simultaneous events in different parts of the country without impairing work quality. Our highly qualified staff is trained and therefore capable to recognize specific needs, committing to a steady updating and innovation in our solutions.

We aim to always offer the finest of technology market, as well as accurate alternatives to meet each client’s need specifically, continually utilizing cutting-edge equipments combined with fast and efficient software solutions. We have the structure, efficiency and commitment as our main features once the success of you event is our business!


To assist the events market with information technology solutions that allow optimization of processes, streamlining of services, reliability and safety to our clients.


To be the benchmark of information technology in the brazilian market of events with annual profit of US$ 6 millions up to 2020.


  • To prize quality in all of our services.
  • To be the reference for our clients.
  • To invest in continuous implementation of new technologies.
  • To encourage the participation and development of our employees.
  • To guarantee profit and economic sustainability.


Check out the services we provide:

  • Monitoring through biometric reader

    A system of attendance control with biometric reader in order to monitor security guard and staff flow of the event. Biometric and picture control in security gatehouse for assemblers and service providers. This feature dismisses the use of nametags.

  • Registration for congresses and fairs

    Registration form for visitors and attendees of congresses and fairs. Data import. Online certificate mailing. Congress annals production. Cientific works posting. Purchaser registry with production of vouchers for further enrolment. Corporate sale in lots. Financial module integration. Bill and credit card payment.

  • Fair register office

    Local register office system for registration and enrolment of visitors. Self-service and self-registration system which dismisses typists.

  • Exhibitors and assemblers forms

    Full system of exhibitors and assemblers manual. Purchase control integrated with financial department. Automatic email triggering to exhibitors. Mailing and monitoring of ART projects.

  • Material entry and exit control

    Entry and exit control of electronics and furniture via barcode in destructible tags associated to password registration for assemblers and exhibitors.

  • CAEX: local services

    Local system for assemblers and exhibitors services. Local payment receiving with emission of receipts and assembling permission vouchers.

  • Congress register office

    Register office local system for registry and enrolment of conferees with payment control. Access registry with or without picture or enrolment category verification. Raffle system.

  • CRM

    Management of contacs and company records.

  • Website development

    Development of websites, hotsites and landing pages.

  • Comercial system

    Online sales, PROPOSAL EMISSION, location booking, online contract, online event map with demonstration of sales location or even the sold and booked ones.

  • Finacial system

    Payables and receivables, integrated with commercial module, related to enrolment and assemblers and exhibitors forms.

  • Multimedia totems

    Development of systems for multimedia totems. Localization system of exhibitors with event floor plan.
    Click here to see an online example of the software
    Click here to watch a video of the system

  • Requests and tasks

    It controls the staff actions and interacts with all the executers, exhibitors and services, controlling the execution time of each tasks.

  • Data collector

    Provision of data collectors for exhibitors which can qualify and identify your stand visitors.

  • Online directory of exhibitors and services

    Online system of exhibitors directory and event services integrated with official directory form in the exhibitors restricted area.

  • E-mail marketing

    Integrated to the register office for visitors and conferees emailing. Email marketing triggering. Scheduled sending service.

events - june 2019

check out the events in which we operate:

  • event: INSPIRAMAIS 2020_II
  • city: São Paulo
  • state: SP
  • date: 2019/06/04
  • site: Link
  • event: Salão de Gramado
  • city: Gramado
  • state: RS
  • date: 2019/06/10
  • site: Link
  • event: XXVII Congresso Brasileiro de Psicanálise
  • city: Belo Horizonte
  • state: MG
  • date: 2019/06/19
  • site: Link
  • event: Fenin Fashion
  • city: São Paulo
  • state: SP
  • date: 2019/06/23
  • site: Link
  • event: ExpoSuper 2019 - Feira de Produtos, Serviços e Equipamentos Para Supermercados
  • city: Joinville
  • state: SC
  • date: 2019/06/25
  • site: Link


check merchandising options:

  • Advertisement For Register’s Area

  • BCS offers space for advertisement during events and congresses. The advertisement is located on credential access, where it will be seen for all the visitors that did early registration. It is an opportunity for exhibitioners to approach the congress visitors and direct them to your stand. On online credential area, the submitter have access to a link that goes straight to the buyer’s website, putting more valor to your service, there is the possibility of email marketing for all the registered public.

  • * Check events available for the service.

  • Advertising For Exhibitor’s Page

  • Even before the congress starts, we provide space for companies and exhibitor to use as advertising page for their specific public. The advertising is put in the formularies and restricts areas for exhibitors, where they access solicitations every day. It has a direct link to the company’s website. Also, it’s possible to add a direct mail, which will be received to all the exhibitors at the congress. This service is directed to assemblers, audio and video stores, as hotels, restaurants and service providers in the region next to the event.

  • * Check events available for the service.

  • Advertising On Acrylic Plates

  • Acrylic plates, with 23 centimeters of high and 29,5 cm width length, showing the company buyer brand. They are put in position by attendants on the service desk. The advertising space is for enterprises intent on doing business with visitants or exhibitors of the event, directing the public to stands or brands.

  • * Check events available for the service.

  • Advertisement On Multimedia Totems

  • The multimedia totems have two spaces for advertisement, which can be made through banners or on the totem’s structure. They are located strategically on the hallways with the biggest flow of visitants during the congress, facilitating the location of stand and event attractions for the public. The totem has a touchscreen with 22 inches and a map of the event integrated.

  • * Check events available for the service.

  • Email Marketing Service (Direct Male)

  • The direct mail service can be used for companies of any segment. It is an essential tool on the contact with the client. In it, you can insert your business website and make a response for the public, through the BCS email marketing system. It is used for new products advertising and, in congress, can send direct emails to exhibitors and visitors. Also, it is used to invite the public to your stand with its location on the event. The direct mail assist in marketing campaigns of multinational companies and help regional small business, informing about services like accommodations, gastronomy, recreation and entertainment.

  • * Check events available for the service.

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